The Black Sea Countries: Partners for ecology and democracy? Green East-West Dialogue, Conference of the Black Sea Greens, 29-31 October 2010

The Greens from the Black Sea countries will celebrate together the international Black Sea day on a conference to be held in Sofia in the period 29-31 October 2010.

The main topics of the conference are:

*Energy and Nature in the Black Sea Region: Focus Bulgaria

*Black Sea Countries: Partners for Democracy and Ecology?

*Can the Oil Spill of the Mexican Gulf happen in the Black Sea?

*Minorities in National States around the Black Sea

Some of the speakers will be:

1) Michail Tremopoulis (Member of the European Parliament)
2) Daniela Bozhinova (Co-chair of Zelenite /The Greens/)
3) Alexei Kozlov (Groza, Russian Federation)
4) Ümit Şahin (Co-spokesperson of Turkish Greens)

The Black Sea Conference is organized and financially supported by GEF (The Green European Foundation), Brussels and Stichting Wetenschappelijk Bureau GroenLinks, Utrecht with active participation of Zelenite/The Greens, Bulgaria.

The Program of the Meeting available here:BSD_Programme_Vers_03


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