Announcing the inaugural meeting of the Balkan Anti-Nuclear Coalition (BANC)

Zelenite (The Bulgarian Greens) express their deepest sympathy and condolences to the many thousands who have lost family, friends, and property due to the earthquake in Japan and the tsunami that followed. Our hopes are with the thousands still being unaccounted or evacuated from the region affected by the series of incidents at the Fukushima nuclear power-plants.

We аrе deeply alarmed after learning of the series of explosions at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear site, in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami which shook Japan last Friday. These incidents demonstrate the price to be paid for exaggerate technological optimism and for underestimating the risks of nuclear technology. The incidents should be a wakeup call forcing us to re-evaluate our Balkan and European energy strategies and mid and long term planning of our region’s energy security policies. Unfortunately, several governments in our region are pushing ahead with their plans of building new nuclear facilities or prolonging the expected lifetime of existing plants. These short-sighted plans, dictated by greed, personal interests and the russian nuclear lobby must be stopped at any price.

In order to achieve the goal of nuclear-free Balkans, several green parties and NGOs in the region are initiating the Balkan Anti-Nuclear Coalition (BANC). The idea for this coalition was first discussed at the last EGP Council meeting in Tallinn and was officially announced in December last year at a regional meeting of green parties in Skopje, Macedonia.

The inaugural meeting of the Balkan Anti-Nuclear Coalition will take place on March, 26 in Sofia (Bulgaria). The goal of the first meeting is to decide on short-term common actions and a long-term strategy aiming to stop the planned construction of additional nuclear plants. The Balkan countries must also phase out existing nuclear facilities. A draft resolution to be voted at the EGP Council meeting in the beginning of April shall also be adopted. The date of the meeting coincides with the Earth’s Hour and this could be also our first public event.

The coalition is open to all green parties and NGOs of the Balkan region whose goal is to see the complete abandoning of nuclear energy.  The aim is also to decide on a coordinating board who shall include one green party and one NGO member from each country.

The meeting venue will be announced shortly. We will try to provide online conference facilities (Skype). The organizers (Zelenite and the coalition „BeleNE!“) will provide the venue and accommodation, but unfortunately are unable reimburse travel expenses.

We apologise for the very short notice. After consulting with members of the EGP and regional sister parties, and following the tragic events in Japan, it was clear that there is an urgent need to rush out the original planning. Shortly we will be sending additional information as well as an agenda proposal and a draft version for the EGP resolution to be voted at the Budapest council meeting.

Please send conformation of your participation, as well as questions, comments and suggestions to the organizers of the meeting:

Borislav Sandov
Mobile: +359-887-096-757

Georg Tuparev
Mobile: +31-6-55798196
Skype: georg_tuparev