THE GREENS are going to the elections for MEP with Nr. 12!

Dear Friends,

We did not announce the news immediately because we wanted to be sure we are not dreaming. Аs you have probably read – THE GREENS ARE GOING TO THE EUROPEAN ELECTIONS WITH Nr. 12 IN THE INTEGRAL VOTING PAPER!

Until late afternoon yesterday the entire elections headquarters, governing body and all our supporters were at the edge of madness. No one was sure if the laws will be obeyed and that our registration will be allowed. In this case they were obeyed and we are going to the elections. We had no doubts that we will gather necessary support – money and signatures. We are happy that we were right!

We can’t find the words to express how grateful we are to all of you – the thousands of people who supported us with signatures, voluntary labour and money. This is an unique precedent in the history of democracy in Bulgaria.

Yes, the big challenge of the elections is yet to come but we deserve to congratulate ourselves for overcoming this barrier. Take a deep breath, smile at our first big victory and within days expect information how we are going to continue and how you can help us to serve an even greater surprise on 7th June – MEPs representing the Bulgarian civil society itself!

Once again – thanks a million to all of you! AND KEEP IN MIND THIS NUMBER 12 – THE NUMBER OF OUR VOTING PAPERS!

Best regards from The Co-Chairmen,

Andrey Kovachev

Denitza Petrova

Petko Kovachev