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Zelenite/The Greens arose in response to the urgent need of the society in Bulgaria for political representation of citizens who share the values of preserved nature, respected human rights and social justice. We joint together to promote green values and to achieve fundamental social, economical, and environmental changes in the Bulgarian society.

Our main principles are:
1. Protection and preservation of the nature and the environment;
2. Affirmation and observance of Human Rights and civil rights;
3. Affirmation, development and perfection of democracy as a principle of governance of the society and the state;
4. Social justice shall have priority in all respective functions and policy of state governance;
5. Achievement of sustainable development in the economy and the governance;
6. Quality, modern and accessible health care and education.

We established Zelenite with the aim to protect the environment and nature and to achieve sustainable development of the country with active citizens participation.

We are working to:
• to change various shortcomings in the political system in Bulgaria (widespread corruption, lack of transparency and democratic control, and the general malfunction of the state institution at all levels) and we are one of the very few parties proposing fundamental changes in the election laws. Our strategic concept “To bring the state back to its people” aims at changing the very structure of the state to allow for citizen participation.
• until 2035 to transform the Bulgarian atomic and fossil-based economy into a 100% renewable one, and to achieve energy independence of households and communities and the country as a whole. We oppose projects like the construction of Belene Nuclear Power Plant and Burgas-Alexandrupolis Oil Pipeline as harmful to the environment and the economy of Bulgaria,
• to introduce new social legislation that provide real social justices to the Bulgarian citizens. We support the preservation and development of cultural institutions as theatres, musical education and institutes, etc.
• to reshape the ageing Bulgarian transport system to a modern emission-free one by offloading cargo to rails and building the required infrastructure for replacement of the combustion engine with an electric one
• to decentralize the country and creating economic and social incentives for rural regions which goes hand in hand with major changes in the education, science and research, and healthcare among others.
• to preserve Bulgarian nature by proper implementation of the national and the European legislation in this area – some of our current campaigns are: for the protection of Pirin National park and Black sea coastal areas from illegal construction. We play very important role in putting ban on the spread of GMO organisms and we are part of the anti GMO movement in the country

The beginning of Zelenite
The party had its founding meeting in May 2008 in Sofia. During the following three months more then 7000 members were registered.

Zelenite are part of the European family of the Greens and we got an Observer status to EGP in the autumn of 2009.

Members of Zelenite shall not be any former and current employees and collaborators of the secret services, members of other political parties, citizens with extreme nationalistic behavior, as well as those with clearly expressed actions and business which seriously harm
the environment and nature and contradict the international and national legislation.

We are independent from corporate interests and influences, that is why we fund our work only from membership fees and donations. We insist on transparency of the political parties funding and our accounting is public and transparent.

The first election battles in 2009
After intensive and effective grassroots campaign we managed to secure registration for the 2009 European and Bulgarian Parliament elections. Because of the restrictive nature of the Bulgarian election laws this alone was seen as a major victory.
The main achievement during these election rounds – Zelenite became well positioned and recognized within the society in Bulgaria as a modern political organization and the genuine environmental protection political party. The green values and principles, our vision and programme for new state organization became widely known among the society.

Zelenite were the first and often the only political party to expose the corrupt and ineffective central-right populist government and already in the first months of the year started political battles against new legislation that was limiting the rights of freedom of speech and the right to protest in public space thus allowing the creation of a police-state. We also organized the first street protests against the new government since we are the most important non-parliamentary represented party which opposes the current government populist practices and uncompleted reforms.
In 2010 Zelenite started a campaign for explaining the nature of the green politics to the mostly politically passive citizens. For the first time in several regions of the country green policies are recognized as a viable political alternative by the main-stream voters.

And the future…
Zelenite are entering another election year – local and presidential elections. We realize a viable alternative to the establishment and broaden our supporter base as well as win seats in different local councils.
Together with other Eastern European Greens we play an important role in the regional politics forming coalitions against atomic energy and large-scale environmental protection projects.
With our, in many ways unique, ideas about sustainable economy, social legislations, and urban development we play an important role within the family of the European Greens and bring a significant contribution to the practical adoption of the Green New Deal and lead the society to a greener future.




Support us with your donations and via distributing this statement to other potentially interested individuals.

Statute of the Greens

Statute of The Greens

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